Dropshipping Malaysia


Let’s explore some drop-shipping guides that will lead you to a sure success.

  1. A failure is never an option: No matter how frustrated you may get, or no matter how desperate the situation may be, never even consider quitting as an option.

You might get your accounts suspended on your sales channel, your web store might get hacked and you lose money and even complaints from customers that may sometimes want to end up in a court case. No matter the difficulty, and the situation of things, always have a positive mindset of pushing forward till you make it through.

  1. Aim for high entry areas: You will naturally feel the need to avoid the difficult part or to follow the path with the least resistance. But, a lot of sellers on selling platforms do this and it has proved defective. To make more profit, you must invest more time and effort as this will be aligned with your profit.

Here are some areas where you will have to overcome high entry barriers:

  • Selling on Shopee and Lazada Market Place
  • Selling in a market that requires mastery of the niche
  • Selling on non-English platforms
  1. Think Long term – Examples of what I mean by the long term:
  • Do not focus on your current salary; think about your future earnings. It will be best to invest your current salary in expanding and promoting the business.
  • You have to be serious in serving your customers; it shouldn’t be about getting their money but about satisfying them. Invest in localizing the business, so you can serve the people around you even better.
  • Professional eBay listings increase conversion and sales focus on processing your listing instead of just making a one-time creation. Try out new designs and elements on your listings. You may not get an increase in sales at first, but with more pressure and determination, your sales will increase. With time you should be able to increase your eBay drop shopping business by 220%.
  • Don’t get carried away by the details: You shouldn’t focus solely on your details. Your company name, what should your logo look like, the theme, email marketing services, etc.

All these things only contribute to a small percentage of your business success; they won’t determine your overall success.

A successful business is one that adds value, provides good customer service, ensures proper marketing of brand name, specializes, and has a long-term commitment. Amateur drop shippers will likely spend time struggling to decide between two suppliers or shopping carts.

The time spent is better odd in developing the major aspects of the drop ship business.

Carry out extensive researches before making any decision in your drop-shipping business. Do not let small decisions paralyze the entire business.

  • Offer outstanding service: The internet in collaboration with social media has become a great tool for both the success and downfall of many businesses. If you don’t treat your customers well, they will spread it abroad and often times discourage your future potential customers.

Whatever you do to them, they will tell their friends who will tell more friends. It will be in your best interest to give them good things to say about your drop-shipping business.

The biggest risk in customer service for drop-shipping merchants is having tunnel vision on profits and losses when the issue of fulfilling goes awry. It is best to accept that drop shipping can go sideways at times, so you must be ready to take care of whatever happens in your drop-shipping business.

You shouldn’t always pass problems on your customers. Losing money on individual orders to make customers happy from time to time is part of providing good service.

Having happy customers is the best way of marketing your business. The saying “It is easier to sell to a current customer than to convince a new prospect to buy from you” is true for all businesses.

 By offering top-notch services, you will be able to build a business where customers will contribute much of your revenue.

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