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How to build your own successful online drop shipping business in Semenanjung Malaysia is a very interesting question. Let us delve into the simple steps to building yours, even as a beginner.

  1. Gather Motivation: The painful truth is that most people who start will stop along the way. This makes it important for you to gather your strength and get enough motivation. Also, stay around people that spur the person in you.

For you to achieve this, you must study yourself extensively. Identify your strength and weaknesses and make plans to choose products that will be best for your products. It will be best for you to know what exactly you are selling and why you are selling it.

You might decide to sell a boring blouse for Koreans or cheap wholesale sweatshirts or you can even decide to be a wholesale t-shirt supplier, a wholesale dress supplier, a bull clothing supplier, etc. Just research deeply on your niche and give it your best. 

Always remain informed of the latest market strategies and products that are generating sales.

  •  Know your supplier: Your supplier will play the most important role in your drop-shipping business, so it is best to choose a local supplier. Choosing a local supplier will ensure products get delivered at a very fast rate. In Malaysia, the delivery period is usually very fast. If it exceeds 4 working days you are likely to lose your potential customers.

Also, take note of the profit generated by each product. Some products will be better off left out. Your supplier must prove to be efficient, especially in unforeseen

circumstances. Mistakes are never planned, after all, so only work with the professionals.

  • Make your Brand known: You will need good marketing skills to market your products well.

Create a catchy brand of your own, one that won’t rub off the minds of your customers easily. Offer something exceptional to your customers, something that will differentiate you from others.

A brand without a proper strategy is still nothing. It is therefore important for you to spread your brand name across the country. You will need to employ all your marketing skills to make your brand the best among the rest.

Not having fundamental knowledge in marketing will be detrimental to you, it will be best for you to attend some online courses on e-commerce, Facebook advertising, etc. It will help boost the visibility of your brand in the digital market. All is geared at making your brand the best there is.

Knowing the principles and secrets of creating Facebook ads will help you gain more customers to a drop-ship business. This is because; Facebook’s dominance in Malaysia is one of the highest in the world. There are certain ways of putting words in a Facebook ad that you will have to learn, for example, Long sleeve blouse online Malaysia, online blouse shopping Malaysia, outfit online shopping, buy boutique clothes wholesale, etc.

Be Dynamic: “Nothing good comes easy,” is a very popular saying. As a drop-shipper, you have to push the extra mile to keep track of your sales income. You are to keep records of everything possible; the number of orders per month, the number of followers on your social media, etc.

You need to know what is going up and what is going down, and whatever is happening in your business must have a solid reason. You must bear in mind that there is no easy way if starting up your business, rather than just starting. A beginner drop shipper will likely spend around 20 hours every day to get their business going.

But not to worry, in time you can hire staff to help you out with your business. But for the day to come when you will need to hire staff due to the expansion of your business, you will have to work tirelessly with full determination.

Top Selling Online Products for Dropship in Malaysia

Now that your mind is fully geared to setting up your business, it is best to know the products that are in high demand in the online market:

  1. Clothes and apparels
  2. Power banks and Bluetooth speaker
  3. Cosmetics
  4. Drones
  5. Thumb drive
  6. Blenders
  7. Fidget spinner

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